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Is TalkTalk blocking and/or Ebay?

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I am a member of several groups at, most very active. I have received no emails from any of them since 28/04/20, and there's nothing in my client's spam folder either. A couple of years ago a similar thing happened with Yahoo groups, and many messages were lost for ever. Is Talk Talk doing the same to


Email notifications from ebay have also been erratic and patchy since the weekend. Talk Talk has previous history with losing these too. What is going on?


Peter Martin


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Update at 22:00 BST 30/04/20

Emails from started appearing around 6pm and since then I have received 37 messages from them, so there must have been some sort of logjam today which has now broken. Messages are appearing out of sequence so that it will be some time before I know if there are any gaps. Today's messages from ebay also turned up (late), but no indication of any that should have arrived yesterday.


Some explanation would be helpful...