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Login is disabled because there is an issue with your account. Please contact support to resolve the

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Hi My tiscal email accoutn shows the above error when I reset my password and try to login in. I need access to this account.

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Hi @jimbogustard


First you'll need to verify your Community membership email address so here's a note:


Moderator Note: To see your posts, please verify your Community Membership by clicking on the verification link in the community-notification email. If you've registered with an email address you cannot access then change the Community profile settings email to an alternate and please verify that.


The disabled email login is most likely because the Tiscali email account is suspended and requires re-enabling. 


Suspension is either because the account hasn't been used in over 180 days or because suspicious activity has been detected. Hopefully, you'll be able to confirm it's not an inactive account because if it's been inactive for over a year it could be permanently deleted.


Suspicious activity could be a 'false positive' in that the email address has been spoofed and implicated in spamming but just in case the account has been compromised I'd advise you run anti-virus and anti-malware checks on all your devices and then when you do get access to check the settings in webmail for things like unauthorised auto-forwarding and unexplained emails in Send or Trash folders.


You're a TalkTalk customer if you've been able to access the password change so just check that you've added to your Community Profile, Personal Information (Click here) your landline telephone number, mobile number and then the email address in the Private Notes area at the bottom of the page and save changes.


Useful to include with your mobile contact number are the times to call - daytimes when you'll be there in person to receive a new password and speak to the email team (for your security they won't leave a message with the password and there's no number to call them). Don't forget to save changes again.


This topic has been escalated to the TalkTalk Community support team and the email expert will respond to you, right here, from Monday onwards to help you with account and password recovery.

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Hi jimbogustard, please post back to let us know when you've added the information.