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Lost e-mails

Team Player

I've just found in my Outlook 2019 e-mail that I have nothing showing in my inbox prior to 4th June. All earlier inbox folder e-mails on that software have gone. It is synchronised to the talktalk webmail account which shows exactly the same, nothing in the inbox prior to this date. So is it talktalks webmail that has messed up my outlook or the other way round? I can't find any setting toggle on either platform to switch to 'keep e-mails'. BTW auto archive is switched off on outlook, the setting is IMAP because I can't change it to POP3. Webmail has stacks of storage space.

Important e-mails have been lost.

Enlightened One

Do you access your email account using just one device (computer/tablet/phone)?

Is it possible a second device has accessed your email account using POP ?

Anything different happen on 3rd June?

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!
Team Player

Hi Steve

There might be a clue there. The old laptop is still in service with the pop account still live. If that laptop outlook were logged on then it is likely to get e-mails. What course of action do you suggest that ensures the talktalk webmail inbox remains intact?, or transfers to the new laptop rather than the old? I read that switching from pop to imap can lose your e-mails.

Enlightened One

Sounds plausible that the old laptop is the source of your problem. If it is at least the missing emails will have been downloaded to that device so not lost for good. Afraid I have no idea of the easiest way to restore them to the webmail inbox. Hopefully on Monday @OCE_Ady  will tell you how. In the meantime I suggest not using the old laptop, or at least disabling its email access, to prevent further emails getting 'lost'.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi rightfoot_shifter, if you don't still have the old laptop in your possession you need to get it back to restore the mail. IMAP is by far the best way to collect mail if you use multiple devices as every device will see exactly the same. If the old laptop is not available to you and it has collected the mail then I'm afraid you've lost it. We don't offer mail backup so once mail is collected from our servers it's gone. 



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