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Malicious blackmailing email

First Timer

I received a very foul, upsetting email suggesting they had film of me which would be circulated etc etc.  I am a 72 year old pensioner and found it most distressing.  I forwarded it to TT security and received a standard reply, but since then I haven't received ANY mail at all!!!  I can't speak to them on the phone - recorded message only with no relevant options, and no on-line chat available.  Tearing my hair out here as I'm in the middle of a financial transaction with solicitors etc and it's driving me mad to the extent that I'm thinking of changing providers. I've been with TT for years - I know others have had similar experiences to mine, but I just had to get it off my chest.

Community Star

Hi @SWSue there are a few email  problems around  Talktalk at the moment and  I'm he reported email and  your current issues are not related..


Personally I never use ISP email, regarding them as handcuffs. Many Gmail and outlook accounts follow me wherever I roam and are free.

This might be a solution to your current situation?



I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Whizz Kid

Interesting, these mails  I have had two, they are worrying,I just delete  them, I am 82  and a fulltime carer,  laughable, but T T well, same as you  cant get thro to them to any part never mind reporting  spam....

Funny enough, had no-income mail until to-day    Mailed  CEO  office  and guess what   THIER

mail came thro fine.


Just delete  these disgusting mails, hope this helps, I have learned NEVER  to open mails from

Banks Etc  I phone them and ask, nearly always  Spam

Enlightened One

Hi Sue,


I understand how upsetting receiving such emails can be.


The are almost always from scammers basically just "trying it on". In reality they know nothing about you - whatever they say in the email. It is just a scare tactic. I deal with them all the time with my employer's email system.


The best advice is to block them (mark them as Junk/Spam), delete them, then forget about them.


Don't let yourself be worried by them.

Community Manager - TT Staff

Hey Sue, 


sorry to hear about this scam email, unfortunately the scammers will stood to any depth to try and extort cash from you. The best thing to do is to report and delete the email as you have, once reported we look to block the sender on the network so they are unable to send any more emails. 


Sadly they quickly change tactics so it can be a bit of cat n mouse. 


Take care 


Stephen, Community Manager

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