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My email address has been changed by TalkTalk

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TalkTalk have taken over and have stopped recognising my normal address which I have used for 30+ years and have reverted to the original code letters with which the account was first opened.  I have been unable to open a second address to re-establish my proper address although they say that you can open up to five more existing addresses into your account.  I have spent well over 2 hours of my time over several weeks, mostly with their on line chats (usually a good solution), without managing to achieve what I need, just getting told to try again on the website where I am advised that there is a technical problem and to try again later.  In the meantime all my contacts assume my e-mails are a scam because of the suspicious digits which have replaced my proper address.  They advise me that my e-mails have been hacked, so I have to tell them what has happened as above.  Can anyone do any better please?

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Hi @Adrian157 


The TalkTalk mailbox uses the primary ukgateway email address that you were given when first registering for an email service.


The primary ukgateway email address can have associated 'alias' email addresses. Those 'alias' email addresses were created by the user and linked to the primary email address.


Alias email addresses are still recognised and all mail is directed to the primary ukgateway mailbox on the TalkTalk Mail platform.


When you compose a mail message you'll see a blank mail message screen and at the top is the line: From Name <email address> and at the end is a down arrow.  Select that and what do you see?


You may already have options for setting the sending email address.


When first setting up the Mail account on the TalkTalk Mail platform you're asked to enter First name and Last name. This goes into your 'My contact data' and is normally seen by recipients as the 'friendly name' or 'real names' associated with the email address.


New TalkTalk Upgrade Edit Information - Name


To review My contact data:

  • Sign in to TalkTalk Mail
  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon or cog icon for mobile)
  • Then My contact data in the drop down menu
  • Your First name / Last name will be shown in the pop-up 'contact data'
  • You can edit there at any time and Save the changes

Now, let's change the 'friendly name' / 'real name' that normally appears to recipients in the From: entry

  • Select Email from the blue header bar
  • Select Compose from the sub-header
  • Select the blue down arrow to the right of the From: <email address>  
  • You'll see a drop-down box with options Hide names or Edit names
  • Select Hide names and From: email address will now be the default


Compose - Hide Real Names


After selecting Hide names:


Compose - After Hide Real Names.png


The default is now From: email address

But there's still flexibility to revert to the 'friendly name' / 'real names' with Show names


Compose - Edit Real Names


TalkTalk Mail users can set a custom name, which is where I have defined Gondola as my custom name and my emails appear as From: Gondola <email address>


The Hide names option will send your email From: Email address <email address>

The Show names option will send your email From: Real name First Last <email address>

The Edit names / Custom name option will send your email From: Custom name <email address>

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