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Not receiving a particular email from a particular sender

Community Team

You can reply to either. Often the phone numbers left on voicemail are the general support number not caller specific. If I get the update from you I can update the fault ticket too. We have no automated way of tracking existing tickets on this team, but I can always check them manually. The ticket shouldn't have been closed though and I'm told the person concerned has had retraining. It won't happen again. 

Community Team

Oh and we can and will chase the ticket tomorrow for you. I'll let you know how we get on then.

Team Player

Thanks for continued follow up.  I was away from my work for a few days at the end of last week, and so today I forwarded on last week's HSE email (dated 6th June) to my home email address.  This week it arrived at both my TalkTalk email address and my non-TalkTalk email address.  But this has happened before and then the next week the message vanished again, so I have no way of knowing if the problem has been fixed.


I will let you know what happens to the HSE email that I receive later this week.


Any update from your side?

Community Team

I was promised an update tomorrow so I'll chase it if I don't hear tomorrow. 

Team Player

I have two things to report.


Firstly this week's HSE weekly email arrived in my work email today.  I forwarded it to my TalkTalk address and my non TalkTalk address.  This week it didn't arrive in the TalkTalk inbox, but as always it did arrive in the non TalkTalk inbox.  This shows that the problem is not solved.


Secondly I got a phone call from Lewis at TalkTalk's Service Management Centre in relation to the problem.  Whilst I'm grateful for the call I was surprised that Lewis seemed unaware of the detailed content of this Community Thread.  He asked me to provide a list of dates when the email has failed to arrive - something that I couldn't do off the top of my head.  However I did point him to the examples of problem emails that I have diligently saved to the OneDrive location that is listed in the Private Notes of my Community profile.  It is quite frustrating that after two months of progressing this thread in the community that I get a phone call from someone who clearly wanted to help the customer, but who did not have a full knowledge of the problem's background.  The call ended with a promise that investigation would be made and that I would receive a follow up phone call - this is planned for the evening of Tuesday 18th June.


Hopefully at some point my contact via the Community and now also with the Service Management Centre will yield a positive conclusion.  (My fingers remain crossed!)



Community Team

Hi, lewis doesn't work for the team who manage our tickets and if he'd read the ticket he'd be aware of your fault as it clearly details the issue.

Community Team

I've asked our queue manager to get this escalated for you. 

Team Player

Last week I didn't receive a weekly news email from the HSE.  However a weekly news email arrived in my work email today.


I forwarded it to my TalkTalk address and my non TalkTalk address. This time it didn't arrive in the TalkTalk inbox, but as always it did arrive in the non TalkTalk inbox.


This shows that the problem is not solved.  Is there any update on this issue.







Community Team

I'm sorry that this has gone on so long. I've sent another chaser to the Email Admins hopefully this time we'll get it sorted for you. 

Team Player

A quick update on this unusual problem.  The problem with the emails from the HSE not being delivered now appears to be affecting my work email inbox as well as my TalkTalk email account.  To get around this I've registered an alternative email address with the HSE that isn't my work email and isn't a TalkTalk email. 


At the moment I'm receiving HSE messages sent to this alternative email address.  I forwarded the last two emails to my TalkTalk email address without problem.


I have no idea if the original problem that I report is actually resolved.   The evidence continues to point to something about the content of the HSE emails interacting with email delivery systems that causes the emails to just disappear.  I will raise a query with the HSE.


Thanks for your support, I will post again when I have more news.

Team Player

1. Yesterday (30th Aug) the problem with non-delivery of the HSE news bulletin emails to my work email was fixed by the work IT team adding "" as a filter exception to the email gateway - and a message held at the gateway was immediately delivered.


2. After asking for assistance from the HSE, in their helpful response they mentioned that bitly links are no longer used in their news emails.  As I result I can now follow the hyperlinks in these emails from my work PC without needing to forward these emails to access the links from my home PC. 


3. I forwarded yesterday's news email to my TalkTalk and non-TalkTalk address, and the email arrived in both inboxes.


4. The latest HSE news email sent direct from the HSE's email bulletin service didn't arrive at the non TalkTalk email address - and so there may be a yet another new problem there!


In conclusion:


A) There was a problem with HSE emails forwarded from my work email not being delivered to my TalkTalk email address.  The reason for this has not been fully understood.  However, there are a number of options available for me to work around this problem.


B) The sending of an email does not guarantee that it will arrive at the inbox it is directed to!  Be alert for messages that are not arriving.  (My confidence in emails has been very much reduced by this problem.)


I don't plan to provide any further updates to this thread.   Although sadly a root cause to the original problem has not been found, I don't see that there is currently a justification continue investigating the original problem.


I'd like to say thanks to the TalkTalk team for your support through the TalkTalk Forum and also the contact by phone. 


Please close this ticket.