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PC broken and no access to emails...

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Hi there, 


Our PC has recently given up the ghost... Our email address that we used is an old one related to "freedom to serve -f2s" times and it is a made up name. 


When trying to log in to our talk talk account from another laptop we are able to log into the email account to access bills etc however cannot retrieve these specific email addresses accounts that are very important to us as they are connected to a lot of information. 


I wonder if anyone is experiencing similar issues as we understand talk talk has recently upgraded their services to only include talk talk email name related accounts. Are we able to access our emails before the lockdown is over or do we have to get our computer fixed first??? Huge learning curve here as we are not the biggest tech whizzes... Help!! 


Thank you 

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Hi @Lockandbarrel25 


Heads up that F2S mail accounts come under the remit of TalkTalk Business (TTB) not TalkTalk Consumer.  Here, on Community we only advise on TalkTalk Consumer Mail and MailPlus.


To manage the F2S mail accounts sign in at


To access the F2S mail account sign in at


If you've forgotten the password then go direct to TalkTalk Business (TTB) TTB Support to authorise a password change for you. TTB should have a record of the registered user details to match to your personal details.


Call 0800 083 3003 - Mon-Sun 8am-6pm
Or email


Let us know how you get on as we like to get feedback even when suggesting an off-site solution.

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