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Pipex - Emails Not Sending

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Can confirm I have had the same issue over the weekend and have an email in my outbox awaiting as I type this.

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Me to ,I have an unsent mail in my outbox as I type this, doubt this will go, as well
Whizz Kid

Are "THEY" deliberately trying to drive us away?
Beginning to look like it.

HOW does one start legal proceedings against these clowns?


Yes, it's very clear indeed that TalkTalk are deliberately killing off the Pipex email service.

Super Duper Contributor

I don't think they are killing us off, that would be pointless and bad business sense due to loss revenue of course.


But, I do believe we have low priority with being in a possible minority, which again is proper business sense, you look after your main source of income first.


However, I do think at some point that all of us Pipex users will be brought in with the masses, and/or shown as much attention as the main mob. Don't forget though, that there are other legacy groups even smaller than us who must also be suffering, and perhaps much worse.


Just to report -


My mails are still going to Gmail as they should.

And that goes for Sky too, all still currently ok.



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Not finding / unable to connect to smtp servers again tonight so frustrating and no feedback about what problems are or what is being done.


have also got problems tonight with only partially downloading some message contents and clicking link to download remains content doesn’t work.

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so ...sent 3 emails yesterday to the same gmail account. email in morning has bounced back "maximum retry..." email in early evening was delivered after approx. 2 hours! email in late evening was delivered almost immediately. I haven't posted recently cos I just became disillusioned even @OCE_Ady has disappeared.

The good news is that my talktalk broadband contract is up for renewal. The question is do I stay or do I go?

Whizz Kid

I am now, intermittently, getting this problem - I have to reload my email "box" a couple of time before it works, or I have to log right out, wait sever minutes & then retry - when it USUALLY works.

NOT good enough

Super Duper Contributor

Hi everyone. It has been explained to me from Ady in support, that this older thread is not highlighted to them due to it's age, even though the fault is still ongoing.


Therefore I have started a new thread entitled Pipex - Emails Not Sending - Revised.


Please post in the new one of your ongoing issues in the hope that support will jump in and we can have it finally fixed.