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Pipex Migration... Has it happened?

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I have a similar issue, one of my Pipex email accounts is not receiving emails from yesterday morning. When I log in to the talk talk email - I get re-directed to the old Pipex mail and I can see my old emails but no new ones. My email client still works (no new email showing) and I can send emails ok. I can't remember if this one is the main or alias (or lost the detail) how do I tell?

Also tried resetting the password in the email account in manage emails - and it errors (wont let me set new password) 


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Hi @wayneterry 


The mail message(s) from TalkTalk about the upgrade to the TalkTalk Mail platform will usually be sent to or indicate the primary mailbox address. With pipex aliases it's not easy because the address is in exactly the same format or (or


The TalkTalk Mail upgrade will create a mailbox for the primary address only. If you sign in to with the primary address and the sign in authentication has been updated by TalkTalk then you'll see the new TalkTalk Mail and on first sign in be taken on a 'tour'.


If the upgrade hasn't been completed or the sign in isn't recognised as a primary mailbox then there'll be a redirect out to the old homecall webmail sign in.


On the password change, there hasn't been a working user option on the dashboard for a long time. The mail messages from TalkTalk do ask you to register password recovery options for the primary mailbox so that once upgraded to the TalkTalk Mail platform you'll have the ability to change the password using the Forgotten password button in this help page.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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I have checked the upgrade emails (2 different ones)  and it was sent to the same ****.*** as the email address in question - no mention of any alias. So I assume that is most likely a primary mailbox.


We I log in using the above at  I get re-directed to the old homecall webmail sign in. So I guess it has not been upgraded yet/finished. I will leave a few days and see if it resolves it self with the move.


Thanks very much for you help




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Exactly the same experience/problem here @wayneterry 


I can send email fine from and it’s received at a secondary gmail account I have.


replies to (or new emails to primary or alias) don’t arrive but don’t bounce / get reported as undeliverable.


attempting to login to the new site using gets redirected to the legacy pipes webmail site. Logging in to this site shows no new email since Thursday in the inbox, even though I have sent myself test emails from other accounts.


fyi @Gondola 

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Hi AC-whead 


Thanks for letting us know. Your experience is consistent with others and consistent with the upgrade being in transit but not finalised.


My take on the symptoms is that the mailbox upgrade to the new platform has taken place but the sign in authentication has not been finalised. Hence why you cannot sign in to the TalkTalk Mail platform. Mail I suspect is being delivered to the new mailbox so when you do get the sign in working you'll probably see the mail waiting for you.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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