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Pipex Outage

pipex not working
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Dear OCE Team,


It would be really appreciated if one of you can provide an explanation to yet another outage of Pipex email on Saturday. many of us find no help in web chat, they were unaware of the issue and it is very frustrating spending time there which I no longer do. Given we do not receive comms from TT you guys are the only ones that provide a proactive service. So, for the weary Pipex users can you explain what is going on and why we have suffered this type of problem for so long?


Thank you in advance

Community Team



Apologies, I'm not sure what caused this specific outage at the weekend. We are investing in all TalkTalk Mail domains and we’re currently busy migrating all customers over from current systems to the new TalkTalk Mail platform, including Pipex customers. This should make the service a lot more stable and reliable in the future, as well as increase the usability.