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Pipex email not sending or receiving

First Timer

Hi there


The same thing is happening here for the two mail addresses in use. All attempts (IMAP, POP, Netmail or the new Webmail page) show that no email has arrived since the evening of Thursday 24th at about 9pm. Test messages don't arrive either and there are no bounceback messages indicating non-delivery.


If I had to guess I would say the messages have all been moved to the new mailbox but the database inside the email system which shows where the mailbox is has only been updated for IMAP and POP access and not for the delivery of inbound email. Thus, incoming mail is still being delivered to the old mailbox but logins to read the mail are being sent to the new mailbox. If this is the case I really hope TalkTalk can re-run the message copy process after the fault has been resolved as there are some messages there which I need.


Mark ( user since 1994 🙂 )

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi 11years


Apologies for this.


We are currently looking into this further.





Community Star

Hi @11years 


To link this topic to your TalkTalk Mail service, in preparation for direct help from TalkTalk support, please check your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here):

Your name, current TalkTalk landline 'phone and alternate number (mobile preferred). Add your full address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add email address(es), notes and references etc and then save changes.

Do you get signed in to the new mail platform for one or other of your pipex email addresses. The mail messages from TalkTalk about the upgrade will usually have indicated which email address is a primary email address.


NB only email addresses that are primary addresses get a mailbox on the TalkTalk Mail platform. Mail for aliases is recognised and directed to the primary mailbox,


So, you'll only be able to sign in to a primary mailbox.


If the upgrade to the TalkTalk Mail platform has not yet taken place or you try to sign in with an alias you'll get redirected out to the homecall webmail login.


Let us know when you've updated your community profile and if you can sign in to the TalkTalk Mail platform to see your mail messages.  Remember, primary email address only for the TalkTalk Mail sign in.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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First Timer

Hi Debbie, when can we expect an update from TalkTalk on this, as I am in the same situation, not receiving any emails on my pipex account since Friday morning. I am using the new pipex settings advised by TT on this community forum, which was working for a week or two, but now it’s just completely stopped. There is no errors, just nothing comes through. Can’t get pipex emails by any means, & this is becoming a great inconvenience. Simon

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @TTSiBmouth 


Apologies for this.


The issue raised with Pipex emails is now showing on our Service Status page and updates will be provided here under email.