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Pipex problems after upgrade

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Am having almost identical issues since 'upgrade' = no emails received in Outlook (Pro2010 in Windows10) since thursday night.  Have used new TT-app on phone and can see all today's emails there, but I want to download  to Outlook!  have adjusted port & settings as above posts from Gondola, and 'test' is all ok, but still none of the emails downloaded.  Are they no longer available on the pop server?   This is SO frustrating after a reasonably long run of error free downloads since all the earlier difficulties this year.  I too have been a pipex user since pre 1998, and just want to be able to continue downloading pipex adressed email on both mine and my wife's separate addresses!  Help please!

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Hi @macrocarpa 


To link this topic to your TalkTalk Mail service, in preparation for direct help from TalkTalk support, please check your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here):

Your name, current TalkTalk landline 'phone and alternate number (mobile preferred). Add your full address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add the pipex primary email address(es), notes and references etc and then save changes.

Using a desktop Internet browser:

Compose and send the same mailbox a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent objects folder and arrives and stays in the Inbox.


Let us know of any error message, or if mail does not arrive in the Inbox or disappears from the Inbox.

Collecting mail messages with a POP3 mail account may be deleting those messages from the online Inbox.


Good to know that the TalkTalk Mail app on the mobile is working ok. That's something positive in a day of negatives.  Is that working with the email address / mailbox.  That'll be set up as an IMAP account.


Do something for me please:

  • Select the triple line icon top left
  • Select the cog icon bottom left
  • Select the pipex account
  • Tell me what the Incoming server setting are
  • Scroll down and Tell me what the Outgoing server (SMTP) settings are

As the app is apparently working I'd like to see what settings have been automatically entered or let me know if you set them up manually. Either way if it's working then other email clients can work using the same settings.

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