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Possible password issues with Tiscali email on new laptop

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I have a new laptop and am having issues setting up my tiscali email, it is possible that it might be the password.


I have used windows livemail on m old laptop (and still have access) the new one I want to use Thunderbird. I have checked the POP and STMP settings and have applied those but when I try to test the new email client I get ' wuth user name *** (where that is the nickname of my email) failed'

I would prefer to find the password to check if this is the issue rather than reset it and risk locking myself out of the old laptop email.

Can someone please help.

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Hi @anwsmum 


Have you previously signed in to your tiscali mailbox using a browser and the sign in to TalkTalk Mail? Have you saved the login for that sign in? Some browsers will automatically save the login and you can see the password.


Have you set up password recovery for your tiscali mailbox?


Password Reset details should have been set up for the email address so that an alternate email and or mobile number can receive a password reset.


Please do try the Forgotten your Password? option. If there's an alternate shown that you recognise from the hints, and have access to, then please reset the password. If there's only the one option of a reset sent to the mailbox itself that's no go for password recovery as that's just for routine password changes.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Hi Gondola
Thanks for your reply, I have managed to sign in using your first link so I presume this is the password I need for the my thunderbird settings (and is the one that is used on livemail on the old laptop?). This was not the primary tiscali address, will that have any bearing on the issue?

I did try your second link to and there is a recognisable mobile number and back up email address. I didn't complete a password reset at this point.

I have tried using Thunderbird on the new laptop with the password I accessed webmail with and still get the same message.

I just need to clarify that if I now reset the password via the 2nd link I will need to update the old laptop POP settings with the new password to retain email access on the old laptop?
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Hi anwsmum 


If you've successfully signed in to TalkTalk Mail (Webmail) using an email address and password then that email address and password combination is the one to use to set up Thunderbird.


Before doing anything else please check that the Reset details in the TalkTalk mailbox settings are correct and current.


When you do sign in via Webmail you have the ability to set up Reset details for a self-help password change.  Update your reset details is an option on the main menu.


Menu options - Update your reset details


You can set your mobile 'phone and alternate email address as the Reset details and then you'll be sure you have extra options to carry out a password change via the Forgotten your Password journey. Make sure any future password is ultra-strong and unique to the mailbox.


So, staying with that email address and password combination, that you know is working, have you added the email address to your MyAccount?


Managing your email in My Account see the section 'Email not showing in your My Account'


 Manage TalkTalk Mail in MyAccount - My Services Menu.png




Manage TalkTalk Mail - Add an existing mailbox.png



The reason for asking is that mailboxes must be added to a customer MyAccount to ensure they have full access to both webmail and an email client like Thunderbird.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Hi @Gondola

Thanks again for your reply and clear instructions.

I have done/checked all your suggestions and confirm that I have alternate back ups for my password both via email and alternate and unconnected email address. I presume these alternates carry across for all the tiscali accounts I have.
All 5 tiscali accounts are listed in my mail boxes although the one I use most often is not the lead tiscali one if that makes sense!

So it looks like everything is set correct at the talktalk/tiscali end.

Is there anything else I can check/do?
I really appreciate your help 🙂
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Hi anwsmum 


On the TalkTalk Mail platform each tiscali email address will have its own mailbox. Each mailbox will have its own unique ultra-strong password (unless you've chosen to use the same password - which is not wise).


Each mailbox will have its own Reset details. You can make these Reset details the same across all your email accounts if you wish.


So, the email address and password combination is the one to use when setting up email clients like Thunderbird with IMAP accounts for the tiscali email addresses.  In the same way that each email address and password gets you into the online mailbox so in Thunderbird the email address and password is used to set up an email account that will access the very same mailbox that you see online.


Now, just diverting back to your MyAccount, My Mailboxes where you see the 5 tiscali mailboxes. Is there any yellow banner message below the list of mailboxes or does it look like the image I posted earlier?


If there no yellow banner message then you should be able to set up Thunderbird to access the mailboxes. So that will be the next thing to move onto.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Thanks again, I have not had chance yet to check all this, but hope to report back tomorrow evening after work.
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No worries.


Always here for you.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Hi @Gondola

The only yellow banner message is to say that I have the max of 5 email accounts.

I reset the password on one account and have managed to get two of them functioning on thunderbird, one of the accounts (at least) I don't seem to have the password for and it appears I had not set up alternate ways of recovering/resetting the password. I'm not sure if I can reserrect this account by deleting and re-adding, it would not be the end of the world as the account I use on a daily basis has been successfully set up.

I had tried to set these up on a POP basis but, cleared those details and set them up on the default settings for IMAP which seems to have worked. I shall keep trying with the other accounts, suspect I need to reset the passwords to see if I can kick start the others.

Thank you so much for your help and support in all of this.
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Hi @anwsmum 


Don't delete the mailboxes in your MyAccount as you'll lose the contents and not be able to recreate the email address. It's a permanent and non reversible deletion.


If you decide you don't want the mailboxes or email addresses ever again then you can use the MyAccount delete function and confirm the permanent deletion.1  That will then enable you to create new mailboxes.


If you don't know the passwords for some mailboxes and haven't set up password recovery then TalkTalk can set up new Reset details for you with an alternate email address and mobile phone number from you if you wish to keep the mailboxes in use.  I assume they have been used and are not already deleted through non use?  Check to see if mailboxes are on the active database and are valid by entering the email address at 


Let me know what you'd like to do.  I can request TalkTalk to set up Reset details for any active mailbox. May take a while because of limited support but it's an option.


1. Mailboxes will need to be removed from MyAccount by TalkTalk if any mailbox has been deleted by the system through non-use.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Hi @Gondola

I've done it!

I have worked methodically through all the accounts and made sure that they all have reset alternatives via mobile and alternate email address. Four of the 5 had at least one reset already. The fifth I was struggling with as no reset alternative was there so before coming back to you I requested reset via email (last ditch attempt!) and managed to complete this successfully.

Moving to Thunderbird, it appears like I have managed to successfully set up all 5 tiscali addresses and 1 gmail address, recent historic email has been received to them all, I am just awaiting test emails to them all from another device that my daugther is using.

I really appreciate the clear and concise information you gave me to help resolve this, now onto trying to import my contacts to avoid having to manually type them in!
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Hi anwsmum 


That's marvellous. I'm thrilled to know it's all going well.


As luck would have it I've just helped Stuart to move contacts from Windows Live Mail to TalkTalk Mail and he reports all has gone well.  So, here are the details to save you some more time.


To Export contacts from Windows Live Mail

  • Select the Go tab
  • Select Contacts
  • Select the File Tab
  • Select Export and Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • Save the exported Contacts CSV File to a local folder or desktop on your device

To import to the TalkTalk Address Book Contacts folder:

  • Select the Address Book app from the header
  • Select the Contacts folder in the folder view side panel
  • Select the Actions on Contacts icon (triple line icon) next to the folder name
  • Select Import from the menu list
  • In the pop-up window
    Select the CSV data format
    Select the Upload button to locate the saved Contacts CSV File
    Select the blue Import button

Contacts Import.png

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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