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Problem sending emails

Chat Champion

Good Morning


I am not sure what is going on today.


I have sent two emails this morning both with a single attachment each. After sending I did not get the usual notice saying my email had been sent. The first email has stayed in my drafts folder after sending and there is no sign of it in my sent folder. Although I have had an automatic reply from the recipient so it has been received. 


The second email sent was to the same recipient. That has totally disappeared from the system. There is no sign of it at all in my drafts, sent or any other folder. I have not had a second automatic response from the recipient.


Also I have not received any emails into my inbox this morning apart from the first automatic response as above. I do sometimes use Mozilla Thunderbird. On checking that this morning there is one received message to my TalkTalk email on Thunderbird that is not showing up at all on TalkTalk mail.


Is there a general problem or is it just me and am I going to have to spend hours again contacting customer services?!



Chat Champion

Apologies. The problem may be fixed with the sent emails as after refreshing the system they are now showing in my sent folder and also I have had the second automatic reply.


I still need help finding out why I received an email in my Thunderbird inbox that is not showing at all in my TalkTalk mail inbox.