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Problem to change email address for a new talkalk account

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Hi. I have a new talktalk account for broadband & telephone line about to go live on predicted date 23.04.2020.  When I initially signed up the salesman told me that a) i could keep the same telephon number but I have now been allocated a new number so he got that wrong and b) (more importantly) since I wanted to use my tiscali email address on the account but it recognised this and would not let me use it I had to use a different email address on the application so I used an old hotmail account I had & he  told me I could change it to the tiscali address once the application had been completed. Well, he was wrong on that as well !  I cannot do it and having read through dozens of your advice notes none of them work for me. Unfortunately i've discovered the hotmail is not functioning correctly (although the account is there) so this means I cannot receive any of talktalks preparation emails.  I am really at my wits end with this and so far VERY disappointed in the sales misinformation.  Can anyone help me please.   

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Hi @Raineone4one 


Each MyAccount has to use a new email address as the login. If you used your tiscali email address for a previous TalkTalk MyAccount then that's why it doesn't work for the new MyAccount. When your new MyAccount is fully active and the service has gone live then we can look at moving the tiscali mailbox to your new MyAccount.


You've registered a hotmail address for your new MyAccount.  Do you know the password to sign in to your hotmail account?  Or have you forgotten the password for your new MyAccount?


If you know the hotmail email address and the password for the MyAccount login then use those to sign in to MyAccount. 


Once in to MyAccount select My Services > Manage TalkTalk Mail and then create a new email address.  When successfully created go back to My Details > Login details and select the new email address and password as the new MyAccount login and password.  


Managing your email in My Account 


If you don't know the password to sign in to MyAccount then for MyAccount password recovery follow the MyAccount Forgotten your password? link.

  • Enter the hotmail email address
  • You should see password recovery options

Then if you recognise and have access to the the recovery options use one to reset the MyAccount password so you can sign in.

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