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Problems connecting to Talk Talk smtp server

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I'm trying to set up my Mum's email for her, so that she is able to send from her email address from her gmail account.


I'm using the following details:


Port: 587

Username: [her email address]

Password: [her password]

Secured using TLS


I receive the following message:

Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.
Server returned error: "453 4.7.0 P9tBiUFdmgI7i Authentication Denied (TT322) , code: 453"


When I try to do the same on my iPhone's mail client, I get: The username or password for "" is incorrect.


The same setup works when I use my Dad's email address and password (on Mum's gmail account), so I suspect it's something wrong with the talktalk email account.


I'm able to log into the Talk Talk mail website using my Mum's details and send emails from there. However, I did get an error for a while that has since seemed to go away: 

"Message could not be sent to the following recipients: [] (554 - 554 5.2.0 P9LAi9HQLO8az Sender Denied (TT608))"


Any ideas please?

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Hi @doogleQ 


The Gmail setup details are correct.  The verification process by Gmail will authenticate the mailbox credentials and when verified will send the talktalk mailbox a verification email. When that's verified the Gmail account will be able to send as though sending from the talktalk mailbox.


However, you've found that the email address and or password are not being authenticated.


The error 453 4.7.0 Authentication Denied (TT322) is a temporary failure to authenticate and is usually triggered when multiple authentication attempts or sign ins are tried from different locations. The password fail on the iphone and the permanent error 554 5.2.0 Sender Denied (TT608) are both indicative of multiple authentication attempts or sign ins from different locations.


Just to make sure the mailbox isn't compromised your mother should scan devices for malware and then change the password. Once secured with a new ultrastrong password then you're in a better position to try again to add to Gmail and I'm confident it will be successful.


Do you need help changing the TalkTalk mailbox password?

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