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Reactivating tiscali email address with Talktalk after leaving Talktalk

Ian Lowey
First Timer

Hi, I last used my tiscali email over 10 years ago but need to access it now as I need a verification code sent there linked to a lost mobile phone that needs to be reactivated.  I cant remember my password and the password reset will only send a link to the tiscali email !

Ian Lowey
Community Star

Hi Ian


The TalkTalk team can try to reactivate the mailbox. Just an initial heads up that unused mailboxes are suspended after 6 months of no use and after a year likely to be deleted.


When you try the Forgotten your Password option do you not get the Deleted email error message?


If there's no error message then maybe the address is recoverable (if the mailbox exists) so I'll alert the TalkTalk Community team for you.


In the meantime, please update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down to Private notes and add the email address and Save changes.


A TalkTalk OCE will initially reply on this Community thread from Monday onwards and then send you a Community Private Message requesting personal data to verify you as the registered user (your email registration details). Reset details will be requested - an active alternate email address and (optionally) an active mobile contact number for the team to set up Reset details for you so you can use either to reset and choose your own tiscali mailbox password.

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Community Team

Hi Ian Lowey, you need to add the affected mail to private notes in your community profile so that I can see if the mailbox is still live on the mail servers. Please post back once you've added it.