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Received emails from TalkTalk to say email boxes being cut off


Hi Gondola


I have the same problem as Rita for both my TalkTalk email and my partners. 


I’ve looked and looked for the correct  route to sort it but I can’t even find My Mailbox in My Account.


Have been trying to sort, including ringing TalkTalk for over two hours! Am ready to cry...


Please can you give me step by step instructions on what to do. 

Thanks very much


Rita’s message from yesterday

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Hi @AnonL 


The guide to managing your email in MyAccount (click here). The section is Email not showing in My Account. Click the down arrow to expand the section.


If you can't see your email address in My Account you can add it by following the steps below:

  • Log into My Account
  • Select My Services from the toolbar
  • Choose Manage TalkTalk Mail
    You'll see My Mailboxes (see screenshot below)
  • Bottom of page is the option to Add an existing TalkTalk Mailbox
    Select Add an existing mailbox
  • In the box provided, enter the first part of your email address and select the relevant email address ending from the drop-down selector
  • Then enter the corresponding password for that email address
  • Select Add
  • You will receive confirmation that the changes have been successful

Note: If you experience an error message, let me know what that error message is. Your mailboxes may be active but associated with a former MyAccount and that'll need me to escalate to the TalkTalk team for attention.


Manage TalkTalk Mail in MyAccount - My Services Menu.png


Manage TalkTalk Mail - Add an existing mailbox.png

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer


Hi Gondola,
Thanks very much.
At last I've been to spend some time reading your post and going on the computer to sort this out. I think I've done it! Your instructions were really clear and helpful.


This is the screen I got:


Due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to operate our contact centres. Wherever possible, please manage your services in MyAccount, check our Help and Guidance, or use our service centre for fastest fix on technical issues.
The mailbox has been added to your account. You can now change its password or delete it..
Manage TalkTalk Mail
Manage up to 5 TalkTalk mailboxes. You can create a new mailbox, add an existing mailbox to your account and update your passwords.
My mailboxes
Mailboxes associated with your account are listed below. You can change their passwords or remove them.________________________________________xxxx@TALKTALK.NET
Change Password

Change Password
Create a mailboxAdd an existing TalkTalk mailbox
If you use a TalkTalk mailbox (,,…) that’s not listed here, you can add it to this account and manage it on this page.
Add an existing mailbox


Obviously I had the correct first bit of email addresses in above.


Do I need to do anything more to prevent TalkTalk closing my emails or charging me as I haven't subscribed to TalkTalk Mail Plus?



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Hi @AnonL 


Looking good to me. Two mailboxes added and a banner message when each was added.


The mailbox has been added to your account. You can now change its password or delete it.

And all the correct functionality is there so job well done.


You have safeguarded those mailboxes within your MyAccount. Relax and enjoy free TalkTalk Mail for as long as you're a TalkTalk Consumer broadband customer.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer