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Registering my tiscali email to my account

First Timer

Good Morning

I am trying ro register my tiscali email address to MyAccount following a receipt of an email -to the tiscali account - advising that it may be deleted if I did not. I do have space to add this account (I've used 4 of the 5 email accounts available) but am getting a message sasying that it cant be done at this time and to try later.  I've been try off and on for a couple of weeks.

I read RobRoys message as he had a similar issue and followed the guidance given to him to update the add notes on my personal page.  

The purpose of this note is to draw your attention to my issue and to ask someone to look into it and get my Tiscali account added?

Would be grateful if someone could confirm it is being dealt with.

Phil O'Ryan
Community Team

Hi Philor,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems adding the email address to My Account. I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can look into this further



Community Team

Hi Philor,


Thanks for the PM. Can you just try again to add the email address, if it doesn't work please let me know and I'll escalate this for you