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SMTP Local Client Email Synchronisation Problems

Super Duper Contributor

For the last couple of days, but worse today, when I send an email from my local Thunderbird client it is very slow to close the composition window, mark the email that I have replied to as read and replied, remove copies from the draft folder and place a copy of the email in the sent folder.


For example; I have just replied to an email. The email I have replied to is still bold in the list as if it hasn't been read, although the replied marker is there. There are two copies of my reply in the draft folder, and one in the sent folder that took quite some time to appear.


There is no problem with my internet connection. This implies that the TT SMTP server is struggling to keep up.

Community Star

Hi @BrogdenFields 


I know it's a couple of hours later than your post but just here to say I've tested in Thunderbird between a couple of accounts and all appeared to go through very swiftly with no holdups in any part of Thunderbird's actions on emails.


Maybe someone else can say what they find.


The webmail (TalkTalk Mail platform) does appear to be slow to display elements at times. There is some planned maintenance overnight so maybe there's something happening in advance of that.

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I am still experiencing intermittent problems with sending emails being slow or refused at first attempt, marking emails in the inbox as replied, automatic deletion of drafts and placing copies of sent emails in the sent box.


I would appreciate a reply from a TT admin person about this please.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi BrogdenFields, have you tested with another client? Is Thunderbird and your browser fully up to date? What antivirus are you using to scan your outgoing mail? Have you tried disabling the av while testing? Let us know how you get on with those tests.

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