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Send but not recieving

Insightful One

Could a OCE look into this for me.


One of my other email accounts (not the main one) has stopped recieving emails when using a email client, although it will send. I at first thought this was due to it might need a password change as I couldn't get on to web mail using the original psw.


Having changed the PSW I was able to access webmail and see emails that I can't get using Windows Live Mail.

I tried setting up Windows 10 mail but this doesn't seem able to automatically get the details, just continually looks for settings.


Nothing was changed at my end other then the password which works ok on webmail.


EDIT .....

Found the problem, I think during one of the many recent Windows updates the Include this account when recieving mail or sychronizing was unticked.

UK Old Git
Community Team

Hi ukoldgit, I'm pleased to see you found the issue. Thanks for posting back to give us a heads up.