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Sky can't find TalkTalk DNS server

First Timer

Hi everyone,

My broadband is through Sky, and I just have an email account with TalkTalk.

Over the last few weeks, I've had many occasions where either TalkTalk won't load at all, or it drops out while I'm using it. It's not a case of not being able to access it at all, but it's very irritating when it drops out when I'm looking at an important mail.

No other website seems to be affected.

A selection of the messages I get:

Mobile phone - "Cannot find the DNS server"

iPad - "Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found".

Brand new Microsoft Surface laptop - "Failed to sign in. An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request"

Any thoughts as to how I can fix this ??

Much appreciated.


Community Star

Hi Paul


All of the issues you mention are typical broadband connectivity problems. The fail to connect or the drop-out is more commonly associated with Wi-Fi interference. But I wouldn't rule out an Internet Security / Anti virus product from holding up a connection. So, I'd try disabling on a temporary basis any live scanning to see if that improves the reliability.


The error for the Surface laptop is particularly interesting. Fail to sign in because of an internal server error. The error message implies that there's a TalkTalk server error. But there is a 6 second window allowed for sign in authentication. If connectivity issues / scanning issues delay the sign in beyond the 6 second time-out then the sign in authentication server will issue an error.

Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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Paul, other Sky broadband users are also having DNS problems when trying to access TalkTalk. so you're not alone. The easiest potential fix is to turn off your router for a few minutes and hope that  it grabs a different DNS server when it reconnects to Sky.


If that doesn't work and you're moderately experienced then assigning different DNS servers in your router will almost certainly fix this issue. Cloudflare and Google have public DNS servers that are reliable and fast.


Or, you could simply wait and hope that Sky fixes this issue.

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Hi both


There is certainly a recent thread on Sky Community where someone reports difficulty but at the same time a Sky Oracle reports no problem accessing TalkTalk via the Sky DNS. 


A router reboot may solve local connectivity issues if there's a Sky router issue or if the local access Sky Edge server has an issue and a different Edge server is selected on reboot but it will not select a different DNS unless that is pre-configured in the router.


Others on Sky are saying no issue.  Some are not using the Sky DNS. The broadband router DNS could be changed as part of troubleshooting to see if that provides an improvement.


Try the secure Quad9 DNS: Primary and Secondary or Google DNS: Primary and Secondary (or a combination of Quad9 as Primary and Google as Secondary)

Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi pls5wo, hopefully Gondola has coverted the issues you were having. The TalkTalk mail site is working from all ISPs services and I've tested on multiple mobile networks too and have successfully navigated the webmail pages.




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