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Sorry to be thick but how do you back up important emails?

Insightful One

I have no idea how to back up my important emails. See important post at top this Forum)

I have Outlook and have a lap top with  Windows 10. I also have an external drive.

 I have a gmail account and presume that my contacts are backed up there or at least on my phone!!



Community Star

Hi @Rochelle 


You can save or backup your important mail messages in a number of ways:

  • Send to another email mailbox
  • Save as an eml file on your computer
  • Save as a pdf file on your computer
  • In your email client save to a local folder

The important message Ady is telling everyone is that TalkTalk does not offer a backup service for the TalkTalk mailbox. It's up to users to save or backup your important mail messages on a device under your control or in another email account. Just a useful precautionary bit of advice in case messages get lost, inadvertently deleted or a corrupted email causes a mailbox fault.


For TalkTalk Mail and saving a single message

  • Select an email message
  • From the Detail view select the More actions menu
  • Select Save as file to save an email file (eml file type) OR
  • Select Print and then select Print to PDF (pdf file type)

Save a single email message

Backup important emails - single message as eml file.png


For TalkTalk Mail and saving multiple messages:

  • Select multiple messages using the checkboxes
    (tick-boxes in the List view)
  • From the Toolbar select the More actions menu
  • Select Save as file to save emails in a zip file (zip file type)

Save multiple email messages

Backup important emails - multiple messages as zip file



Microsoft advice for Outlook to export or backup email.

 Gondola - Halloween ghoul guide

To avoid my red eyes . . . If I spooked a solution Best Answer

Insightful One

@Gondola  Sorry for tardy reply but unfortunately I have not found a way to get notifications into my Inbox as they always go to my Trash despite all Rules set up correctly!!

Anyway thanks for the information above which looks most helpful


Next question - My email client is Outlook . Does that mean that folders in outlook stay there even iif TalkTalk manages to lose them? 


For reference nearly a year ago TalkTalk did manage to lose all the emails in a few folders (about 3 actually)  I eventually found intact folders on my phone but in a different place and  I think in Outlook but not where expected but in the Outlook  Data File and that was an important work one.  I give every one my gmail address so was able to retrieve holiday reservations  from Gmail which was another important folder that was empty. Problem is I usually send via Outlook using TalkTalk and some people then hit the Reply which means it comes through via Talktalk 



Community Star

Hi Rochelle 


I haven't seen your filter rules but if they're diverting Community notifications to Trash then at least you know where to find notifications.


An Outlook IMAP account will be capable of synchronising all TalkTalk mailbox folders. Any mailbox folders can be mirrored onto the computer and vice-versa. You can add extra local folders on your computer that are not synchronised and locally move or copy mail messages into those as a local filing system so that they're unaffected by any changes to the TalkTalk mailbox contents.


An Outlook POP3 account downloads the mailbox Inbox to the computer. It can be set to download and immediately delete or to flag for delayed or no deletion from the mailbox Inbox.  You can add extra local folders on your computer and move or copy mail messages into those as a local filing system. 

 Gondola - Halloween ghoul guide

To avoid my red eyes . . . If I spooked a solution Best Answer

Insightful One

@Gondola  I use IMAP . So are you saying I should be OK?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Rochelle, the important message is to save anything that's of importance to you away from email if possible. I hate seeing customers posting to say their mail has gone and knowing that it's almost certain I can do nothing to help. I get no satisfaction from telling customers that all their mail is gone for good and I'm hoping my post will help at least reduce the numbers if not stop it. 




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