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Spamhaus Blacklist

First Timer

Spamhaus has blocked my IP which means I can not use my business email hosted by Fasthosts thus undermining my ability to generate an income. 


It’s pretty critical this gets resolved urgently as it stands right now the TalkTalk ‘eco system’ for me is not fit for purpose. 


I appreciate that it’s a relatively niche aspect of the TalkTalk offering, with connection speeds and what have you being the big headline draw, but if you can’t send an email out to clients because spamhaus are blacklisting ranges on TalkTalk then that, to me, is a significant drawback. 


I’m running multiple email accounts on Mac/Outlook - my business account email (hosted by Fasthosts) is flagging the problem - (all the other accounts are either hotmail or gmail, with no issues) - I’ve spoken to Fasthosts and they have said the issue lies with the ISP, so please, can  someone from TalkTalk contact me so I can reconcile this ongoing issue. 


I know that if I reboot the modem it allocates a new IP - for the time being this is a workaround, but having to keep the modem dark for 30 minutes at a time is not an option long term. 



Community Star

Hi Pete


Why don't you just use Fasthosts webmail?


If your fasthosts hosted mail is continually being detected as spam and is being blacklisted by Spamhaus when sending via an email client then stop sending. All you're doing is getting one residential IP address blacklisted and then another.


The only solution that TalkTalk can offer you is to block you from connecting to the Internet.


So before that happens you need to find the root cause - find out why your business emails are being detected as spam. Do they have a virus payload or virus links or are you sending to invalid email addresses or are your subscribers not being immediately unsubscribed when they don't want your mail messages?


Query the issue with Spamhaus.

Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi PJRanson, Gondola's advice is as always great. Please let us know how you get on. 



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