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Status of email upgrade?


I have a legacy email address. On 2nd Dec I received a "Good news. Your mail upgrade is coming" email. The body of the email said that I could access the "new TalkTalk Mail today" as the " login page will soon be deactivated."


Four months later when I try to login via it redirects to which is the legacy Pipex/Tiscali webmail interface.


I haven't received any other updates from TalkTalk about this. Has the migration happened for some but not others and if so why have I been left out? Or has it been delayed and, if so, why no update following the original 'coming soon' email in December?


If someone can please clarify the situation for my account, that would be useful.


Many thanks.

Community Star

Hi @robink 


The upgrade to TalkTalk Mail was in preparation but has not commenced.


OCE_Ady confirmed that the migration of the remaining legacy mail accounts including the pipex family was on hold for all users during this period of Government special measures.


Don't use the TalkTalk Mail sign in until you get a mail message from TalkTalk that your upgrade is complete.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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@Gondola - thanks for the quick update. Appreciate that it makes sense to put things like this on hold in the current situation. Just that this was prompted at the start of December with the implication that the upgrade was imminent so wanted to make sure that my account hadn't been overlooked. I'll look out for the update from TalkTalk in due course.

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Hi Robin


When the upgrade does commence then each mail address will receive a sequence of advice email messages from TalkTalk culminating in an 'Upgrade Complete' email.


From that point you'll be able to sign in to TalkTalk Mail, have a tour, get some initial guidance on use and then be able to set up the interface to your personal layout preference.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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