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TalkTalk is very Sluggish, and Onetel is dead for emails

Community Team - TT Staff

The OX platform is used worldwide by many companies and was chosen ahead of many others. In terms of proper investment. I can't give you the total figure spent to date as I don't know it. I'm curious to know what you think would be proper investment.



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Wizz Kid


I believe that a self-built platform just for TalkTalk and their subsidiaries like Tiscali, Onetel etc., that actually works and does not go wrong with boring regularity would be better than subbing out to a giant set-up where, when things go wrong, they go very badly wrong. Having a massive amount of problems every time that the platform is renewed is a lot of hassle for customers. We've had this three times since the massive own goal of the hacking crisis and again all of this has been caused by not having a decent platform right through the original before the hack through until now. How many times do you want to repeat the same error over and over again before you change behaviour?


The other hassle is these pop up ads on the forum that get in the way. TalkTalk seem oblivious to what good customer care is or, how to run a proper, reliable, functioning email platform properly. Using customers as a resource instead of providing what they pay for is fairly basic in terms of running a business properly. Making money in business is only part of it as, if you muck people about all the time it does not help your PR. You need to do what you do well, rather than telling people all the time how great TalkTalk is as, words are meaningless if the 

platform regularly fails. 


And, you need a tab on the accounts page so that customers have a tab where they know where it to check any of TalkTalk's services quickly, instead of the phone lines being overloaded with queries.  For a communications company TalkTalk seem to lack common sense in how to communicate with its customers.