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Threatened with loss of mail box and cannot link existing mail boxes to Talktalk


I have received threatening emails from Talktalk advising that my mailboxes which are not linked to Talktalk will be restricted or closed down unless they are linked to my Talktalk account or alternatively, I should subscribe to Mail plus. Inexplicably Talktalk prevents me from registering.


When I follow advice and try to add my mailboxes via My account - Manage emails, I am presented with  this: 

"You do not have an active TalkTalk Broadband or TalkTalk Mail Plus subscription, so you are no longer able to create or add new email accounts".  Why is this there? Of course, I DO have Talktalk broadband.


How can this message appear on my live "My account" page for which I obviously need to be a Talktalk broadband customer??!  When I try to take out a Mail plus subscription, I cannot do so, because I receive a Talktalk message telling me I am already a broadband customer and I can register up to 5 mailboxes as part of the package. NO, YOU WON'T LET ME!!


What is Talktalk playing at?


I have had numerous conversations with half a dozen customer service and technical service people, none of whom know about the issue nor can anyone tell me what to do to resolve this ridiculous situation.


Does anyone reading this post have any answer to the questions: Who at TalkTalk is doing this? and why?


Where can anybody be found who can resolve the problem? 


Helpful responses from anybody would be greatly appreciated.

Polymar aka FrustratedinCheshire


Community Team

Hi FrustratedinCheshire, the error is easily corrected. I have raised this over to the team who can correct the error for you. Once that's done I'll let you know. 




Thanks for the prompt there a time frame that I can expect  for this "easy correction" to be done? 


Community Team

I'm afraid I don't.