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Tiscali Email Password reset

First Timer


I've registered in "My Account" but still can't change my email password and I keep getting a "no recovery details have been saved" message.

Does anybody have a simple password reset option available?


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Hi @michael_neal


First, you'll need to verify your Community membership email if you wish to see your posts: Here's a note to advise what to do:


Moderator Note: To see your posts, please verify your Community Membership by clicking on the verification link in the community-notification email. If you've registered with an email address you cannot access then change the Community profile settings email to an alternate and please verify that.


Next, when you login successfully to MyAccount and select My Services > Manage Webmail - is the Tiscali email address already listed there as one of the 5 email addresses?


If it is you should be able to change the password.


Select change password and you'll get a pop-up box with three boxes to fill in.

  • Top box - the MyAccount password you just used
  • Middle box - the new password for the email
  • Bottom box - confirm the new password
  • Click the Submit button
  • Wait a few minutes for the change to go through

Here's the Help page advice with helpful images


If the email address is not listed there and you've set no recovery details then you'll need to prove you're the legal owner of the email. Double check that you've added to your Community Profile, Personal Information (Click here) all of the following in the Private Notes area at the bottom of the page:


Email address affected.

Your Full Name.

Date of Birth.

Phone number linked to the Tiscali email address when first registered.

Full postal address linked to the Tiscali email address when first registered.


Include your mobile contact number and times to call - daytimes when you'll be there in person to receive the password and speak to the email team (for your security they won't leave a message with the password and there's no number to call them). Don't forget to save changes.


The personal information is used to verify the details recorded for the owner of the email address.


This topic has been escalated to the TalkTalk Community support team and the email expert will respond to you, right here, to help you with account or password recovery.

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Hi michael_neal, please post back to let us know if you still need our help.