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Tiscali Email Server blocking 3rd party email client access (Outlook 2010 in my case)


Hi. Per several other messages on here regarding the Tiscali Server will someone please phone the guys who look after the Tiscali server and ask them why smtp and pop is being blocked. Been going on since 9.11.2019 for me. no one in your overseas operation can phone a UK centre to find out. I can access via Webmail which is not really a satisfactory solution at present. There is nothing about Tiscali Server on your Service Status Dashboard. 


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Hi @meredaw 


If you're a TalkTalk broadband customer and have added the tiscali mailbox to your MyAccount then full service of webmail and email client access will be available.


If you're not a TalkTalk broadband customer and have subscribed to TalkTalk Mail Plus then full service of webmail and email client access will also be available. 


About TalkTalk Mail Plus gives more detail and has a purple coloured sign up now button. 


Your emailed invitation to subscribe to Mail Plus will have given a date by which one or other of the above actions will be required before email client access is removed.


Do you think the above scenario is what's happened?  If not then the standard troubleshooting after proving the webmail mailbox is working is to set up another email client using the Email settings given in the TalkTalk Mail Support Hub.


Please do a quick check that your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here) your name, current landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended) and address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add email address(es) with any relevant other notes and finally save changes. TalkTalk's Community Team OCE will be able to assist.

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I am a Talk Talk Broadband/TV and  landline phone customer and have been since you bought out Tiscali many years ago. The problem appears to be with your servers rejecting Outlook Pop and Smtp requests. I say this as i tested it last night by sending an outward bound email from Outlook 2010 using an alternate email address via the Microsoft exchange Server to my wife's Tiscali email address. She successfully received this via her Gmail client on her phone. I have noted on this forum other members who appear to be having issues via their Outlook email client as well. I have contacted Microsoft who have confirmed there are no known issues at their end concerning the operation of Outlook (2010 in my case). I am simply asking that you contact the team (whether that is an outsourced operation or not) who look after the Tiscali Server , and ask if there are currently known issues receiving POP/SMTP from external mail clients. Thanks, As at today 12/11/2019 at 10.00am it is still not working. 

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Hi meredaw, have you tried removing the mail account from Outlook and then adding it again? This will often clear glitches on the account. There are no incidents for the mail servers and we're certainly not seeing large numbers of callers and or online reports of issues. Outlook as with most operating systems and applications can have minor issues that require reinstallation. It's worth just removing the account from Outlook, rebooting Outlook then adding the account and again rebooting Outlook before retesting. 



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