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Tiscali email problem

First Timer

I have a problem logging in to my Tiscali email with the correct password.  It seems Talktalk help me unless they take a mobile phone number. They have also advised that I will have to pay to access my emails again. I think they are acting really bad to advise that I have to pay to access my emails, along with a mobile phone. Does any one think this is bad service, and have they had the same problems?

Community Star

Hi @wayners 


You've been given the wrong advice, perhaps by a paid-for support service, unrelated to the real TalkTalk customer support.


Here on Community you'll get all the help you need for free. So let's get started at getting you a password reset for your Tiscali email.  You will need either an alternate working email address or a mobile number but if you don't have a mobile that's ok. 


First a few questions and then some things for you to do.


Can you sign in to TalkTalk Mail at or do you get an error message or redirected to the former talktalk webmail sign in page?


Password Reset details may already have been set up for the email address so that an alternate email and or mobile number can receive the reset. Please do try the Reset your Password (Click here) option. If there's an alternate email (or mobile) shown that you recognise from the hints, and have access to, then please reset the password.


Or if you're a TalkTalk broadband customer or recent customer you can change your email password in MyAccount > My Services > Manage TalkTalk Mail, if the tiscali email is already listed in one of the 5 email address slots. 


If the self-help password change / recovery options aren't effective then I'll alert the TalkTalk Community team for you to set up Reset details for you.


In the meantime, please update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down and add the tiscali email address to Private notes and Save changes.

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team

Hi wayners, I suspect Gondola is right. What number did you call when you were told you had pay to get your service back? Do you have an agent's name? Please add your landline number to your profile. 

First Timer

I used the chat function on Tiscali log in page. I kept on telling them that when I reset the password which goes to Tiscali. mail ,I cannot access the mail function as my password is correct but it does not like my login or correct password, and they said that Tiscali customers have to pay

Community Team

Charging for email is coming in and if it will be mandatory if you want to keep your email. However, that's not what's wrong with yours. I'll feed back to make sure the chat advisors are not misadvising others too. 


In the meantime I'll get this sorted for you, I've sent you a personal message.

First Timer

I just get the message password incorrect-it seems talktalk does not want to help me

Community Team

Hi wayners,


Thanks for the PM, I've replied requesting a bit more information