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Transfer of email address to a different provider

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I have an old tiscali address which I was transferred over to talktalk. If I ever decide to leave talktalk, can I take my email address with me and does talktalk charge for this service?

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Hi Diana


The good news is whilst you're a TalkTalk Consumer broadband customer you'll be able to use TalkTalk Mail and your email address with all your supported email devices at no extra cost. In fact you can add and create mailboxes in your broadband MyAccount up to a total of 5 still free.


If you do leave TalkTalk then you'll be offered the opportunity to keep your mailbox active by subscribing to TalkTalk Mail Plus.


About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


You'll not be able to transfer your email address to another provider but by subscribing to Mail Plus you will still be able to access your TalkTalk mailboxes via the other provider's broadband service.

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