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Unable to receive emails

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I changed my password last Saturday as it didn't recognise mine.  Since then I have been unable to access emails on my phone.  Now can't access my emails at all as Talk Talk doesn't recognise my new one either and to change again in My Account, they want to send me a link via email. As I can't access my emails at all  how does that help as I can't get the code?  Completely frustrated,  Need someone to help me. Going round in circles!

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Hi @granofthewest 


To change a mailbox password via MyAccount requires you to remember the current mailbox password.


There is a Forgotten your Password? option. Depends on whether you set that up or not or if there's only the default of sending to the same mailbox which, again, is only for the routine password changes.


If there's an alternate email address and or mobile number shown (your reset details) that you recognise from the hints, and have access to, then please reset the password via a reset code or link sent to one or other of the alternates.


If you haven't set up Reset details then let me know and we'll ask TalkTalk to set those up for you.

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