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Using Tiscali email address after leaving TalkTalk

Wizz Kid

I will be leaving TalkTalk for another provider shortly. I've received a letter confirming this and saying I don't have to do anything and the switch will take place automatically. There was a part in the letter which said that if I want to keep using my TalkTalk email address after leaving there may be a charge in the future.

I don't have a TalkTalk email address but I do have four Tiscali email addresses which have been active for over 17 years, and which were transfered over to my TalkTalk account when they took over Tiscali.

I want to know if I will still be able to use these Tiscali email addresses after leaving, and will I still be able to access them through Webmail. I have used one of them for important contacts like banking etc., and one of them is solely for emails from TalkTalk and is linked to MyAccount.

I will probably be moving some of the contacts to another email provider but that will take some time and I don't want to be locked out of my emails before I've managed to do it.

Can you offer any reassurances or give me a clue as to how much the charge would be for keeping the addresses?


Community Team

Hi Poops1, when the letter references TalkTalk email that covers all TalkTalk email domains. I don't that any charge has yet been fixed when it is there'll be plenty of notice and help articles will pop up to guide you. Your email accounts will remain active as long as you regularly login via webmail. Even if you use mail clients you'll need to login to webmail about once per month for each account to ensure it stays active. 

Wizz Kid

Thanks Ady,

One more question - is there any way to change the details for the password recovery? I don't remember ever setting it up but if I did the alternative email address I would have given at the time is no longer active (old Orange fsmail address). I've looked in MyAccount and can't see anywhere to set this up and the help section says I would have set it up when I first logged into webmail but that was yonks ago. The help section also says that MyAccount will stay open for 12 months after me leaving, is that still true?


Community Team

There's currently no way to reset the recovery details although that may change in the next month or two. At present as long as you regularly login to your email via webmail the account will remain open indefinitely. 

Wizz Kid

"The help pages also says that MyAccount will stay open for 12 months after me leaving, is that still true?"

I specifically mean MyAccount not webmail. It seems that I should be able to log into MyAccount to see previous bills etc. for 12 months after leaving, but, as I recall, after the data breach things were changed so that you could only log into MyAccount from home via TT broadband and not, say, while you're out using open wifi or mobile data. Therefore, after I've left and am using another provider's broadband, how can I still log in to MyAccount to get my final bill etc.? It's all a bit confusing.

Community Team

You'll definitely have access to MyAccount for 12 months minimum. In all honestly it oftens stays accessible for longer. 

Wizz Kid

Thanks Ady. 🙂

Community Team

You're very welcome. 

Popular Poster

I have had a tiscali address for 17 years

It was transferred over to talktalk when they were bought out

As of Three weeks ago I have not been able to access my emails,  my address is not recognised any longer


customer services can not find the email address and I have been told an in-house decision was made to drop all tiscali addresses without notifying anyone....really!!!!!!!!!


it has all my addresses,  school photos and reports for my children over the last 17 years, work contacts compiled over the last 17 years,  work reports, all personal and family contacts.....everything.


I access my emails almost daily and was informed as long as I do not leave the account dormant I will be able to use it.


please advice how I can get it back


Conversation Starter


After 20 years, looks like I am going to lose my lineone email address unless I register it and nail it with Talktalk as per email received this morning.

So from November 2019 Talktalk will be rushing in closing any accounts that is either not registered or even if the customer is no longer a Talktalk customer.


I enjoyed my Lineone email which has been merged to Tiscali and then Talktalk, I would have not thought this was going to happen, after all I use a fraction of the 50Gb now allocated and paying 5 pounds a month, I rather just migrate all to google mail at this point.


Thanks Talktalk


yeah same issue for me 25yrs ive had my email and now loosing  im not paying for a email addy  who does in this day and age rip off