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Using my talktalk email to send emails - what am I doing wrong?

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I've gone for this new-fangled talktalk mail plus option and have ported all 4 of my orphaned talktalk email accounts into it.

However, while I can happily receive all my emails, I can't send any (error message recd - cannot send mail, the sender address was invalid).  This happens for all bar one of the accounts (oddly the one we NEVER email from).

We pretty much only send emails from our iPads and iPhones, although I think the other half may have sent up one of the laptops to receive his emails through outlook.




I've just had a very quick check of settings - is this the difference between IMAP and POP?

The one I can send from is IMAP, the others, POP.


Is it that simple?  😮


(and is it easy enough to switch over - I'm sure there are plenty of threads already about this?)

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Hi Keith


It'll be a settings issue I'm sure.  I'll guide you in but first I'd like you to sign in to TalkTalk Mail and from there test each of the mailboxes by sending to


You should get an automatic response to prove the mailbox is sending ok.


The TalkTalk Mail Support Hub includes Email Settings for email clients and apps.  Sometimes the auto-configuration of mail server names doesn't work correctly so carefully check the outgoing server name e.g. and outgoing port 587 and outgoing security STARTTLS (or it might just be a toggle switch of SSL on).


The recommendation is to use IMAP communication when using multiple devices. So, if you have downloaded wanted emails to any device using POP3 then save those messages outside of the email client or app.


Then remove the POP3 account and create a new IMAP account using the advanced / manual setup option and carefully checking the settings as given in the Support Hub.


If you need help then take screenshots of incoming and outgoing server settings, image edit first to obscure the first part of any email address and then post here using the Insert Photos (camera) icon above this Reply area .



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