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Webmail Errors

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I have been trying to delete email folder as, for example, I have 3 junk folder. I delete the folders I don’t want but they don’t actually delete and appear back again??!! Also trying to set up mail rules to filter junk email but again, it’s not working?! Very frustrating....almost at the stage of deleting the account all together!!

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Hi @Lainey_12 


In relation to TalkTalk Mail (webmail) I've given you (here) an introduction to what you can do with Marking as Spam and discarding specific mail senders (or you could send these to the Trash folder for example) and a start on how you can flag mail from your contacts so you can display just these from your Inbox mail.


If you've created three junk folders then presumably these are showing in the TalkTalk Mail My Folders area?  If they're not in My Folders but are in the standard folders area then you'll need to screenshot so I can see what's going on.


But to start with:

  • Sign in to TalkTalk Mail
  • Select the Folder
  • Select the Action for folder menu icon (triple line icon by the folder name)
  • Select Delete from the drop-down menu
  • Confirm by selecting the blue Delete button
  • The folder and any contents will be moved to the standard Trash folder

If the folders 'come back' then they're being re-synchronised or re-created by an IMAP mail account in an email client or email app that you've got also connected to your mailbox. So just delete those unwanted folders from the email client or email app.

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