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Webmail interface no longer working for ukgateway address

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I can no longer log in to webmail via the main link on the TalkTalk home page which resolves to

I have a email address which is registered with our broadband account so the address should be automatically registered for TT Mail Plus.

Webmail access used to work fine (I'm using Safari on an iMac) and IMAP email access from desktop/mobile is still OK, so it looks to be a problem with the webmail interface.

The login process seems to work (as it rejects an incorrect password) but then it just indefinitely displays three pulsing circles in the middle of the screen and doesn't progress to any other screen.

Is there a different login page I should be using for ukgateway access? The account was meant to be upgraded to the new platform but I don't know if this has happened. Either way, it would be good to be able to access via webmail as well as IMAP.


Any suggestions welcome or if an OCE can help, that would be great.



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Hi @Anubis 


I honestly don't know when we'll see an OCE again. The last appearance was a week ago and they're all now redeployed working on TalkTalk prioritised cases.


So, will I do?


Some mail customers do report they have sign in problems but I personally have never been able to replicate. However, here's the fix that works for others.


First clear the browser cache and cookies. What to do if you can't load websites 

Advice for the Safari browser - manage cookies and website data


Then try this approach for the sign in:


Manage Cookies before sign in


Before you sign in, Select the Menu icon (triple line) top right and then Manage Cookies.


Manage Cookies before sign in Accept none


Then select Accept None and when the pop-up appears select Yes, proceed.


Then enter your email address and select Continue then clear the password box and enter the password then select Sign in.


All of the above is when your browser cookies appear to be holding up the sign in to TalkTalk Mail.


And just a note about TalkTalk MailPlus.

TalkTalk Mail is free for TalkTalk Consumer broadband customers. Just add up to 5 mailboxes to MyAccount

TalkTalk Mail is on subscription via TalkTalk MailPlus for non-TalkTalk Consumer broadband customers only.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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@Gondola - many thanks for your prompt and detailed reply.


OCE - understand that they are being assigned to priority cases. Of course you will do!


After your hint about cookies etc., I got this working by using Chrome instead. So the login itself isn't broken - just something about Safari and/or the cookies/cache is causing it to freeze when logging in. I'll experiment in more detail later but I'm sure this was the problem. 


And thanks for clarification about TalkTalk MailPlus - I of course meant TalkTalk Mail, as we also have a broadband account.

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Hi Anubis 


Brilliant. Good workaround.


I'm still looking for the elusive root cause / the elusive malformed cookie, so if you do spot something that would be fantastic.


Take care. Stay safe.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer