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What happens to emails TalkTalk believes to be spam?

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Occasionally I do not receive emails, often from government departments or large firms. I believe these may be getting marked as spam, but there’s nothing in the spam folder. As they are often emails asking for confirmation I don’t know what address they are coming from so can’t put it it contacts so as to mitigate the problem. Also I can’t believe that I’ve never received a spam email, so would expect something in the spam box occasionally.

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Hi sjcuk, if the mail is picked up in the spam filters it will be rejected and a rejection message will be sent to the sender. If it's being lost en route to our servers then the sender may or may not receive a rejection notice depending on where the mail is bounced.  Any mail that isn't in your inbox isn't on our servers. 

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You're probably already aware of this, but that is astonishingly useless. If it is spam the sender won't be bothered. If it isn't, but sent from an unmonitored email address, which a lot of businesses do, then nobody will see the email you sent. If it's the only contact details the sender has what do they do then - keep sending it in the hope it might get through.
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Hi @sjcuk


The sender's DMARC policy will ensure the sender can receive a failure report.

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