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Where are my old F2S email folders?

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Morning all,


I've just returned from holiday to find that my old Freedom2Surf email account has been migrated to the new TalkTalk webmail platform.


While I can see my inbox - (new email seems to be arriving fine) - I can't see any of the email folders that I've created over the last eight years. These folders contain stuff that I don't want to lose, and I don't believe that TalkTalk would have deleted them without my consent. Could someone just let me know how I get them back again?


I've never used my F2S account with an email client such as Outlook (why would I? The whole point of webmail is that it can be accessed at any time from any device anywhere) so I don't have a local back up of these folders.


Any help in restoring my folders would be gratefully appreciated. 


Many thanks,


Andy Moore

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OK, quick update - please ignore my post. I think the problem was that Pipex mail has been down for ages and now, for the first time in a while I can actually get back into it again!

You can all stand down again : )