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Need help?

Where is Gondola?

Whizz Kid

His help and assistance have been missed since his last posting, which I believe was on Sunday 31st May, so I ask myself:


Has he been taken ill?

I doubt it, because if he had, we would surely have been notified.


Is he on Holiday?

No, because if he is, we would surely have been notified.


Has he retired?

No, I don’t think so as he would surely have said ‘Arrivederci!’ or ‘Goodbye’ to the forum.


There has been no valedictory address from TalkTalk.


Correct me if I am wrong, but the only other possibility would appear to be that there has been some dispute or a clash of opinions and/or personalities between him and TalkTalk staff into working practices. I say that for the following reason.


I have noticed several instances recently where, following Gondola’s ‘escalation’ of a customer’s question to TalkTalk, there have been delays in OCE staff responding to that customer (normally on the subject of Password Reset and sending a Personal Message) and Gondola has had to send another ‘escalation’ message to TalkTalk. The reason given for delays has generally been as a result of staff shortages due to Coronavirus.

The following Forum link

relates to a request for help from Tdkiwi (Sam) dated 24th April 2020, in which the poster writes:


“Onetel e-mail password compromised – need password reset.

I have followed the instructions from several other posts about this in the last days and updated my personal information. Please can this be addressed ASAP. 

Briefly, there was a prompt initial reply from Gondola, then three more responses from Gondola, followed by two responses from Stephen F, Community Manager, followed by the following post from Gondola, dated 29th May:


‘Hi Sam

 As you can see, I've now escalated 4 times for you and the Community Manager is helping you.

This topic was escalated to the support team on 27-05-2020 09:04 AM by Gondola.

This topic was escalated to the support team on 22-05-2020 08:14 PM by Gondola.

This topic was escalated to the support team on 05-05-2020 07:57 AM by Gondola.

This topic was escalated to the support team on 24-04-2020 09:25 AM by Gondola.’


So, I wonder if Gondola may have had enough and decided to ‘call it a day’.


Assuming Gondola has gone to pastures new, I would just like to say ‘You have been a fount of knowledge, someone who has proved invaluable not only to TalkTalk customers but to TalkTalk plc as well.


Your presence and help will be greatly missed.

Enjoy your single malt, Bombay Sapphire with a twist and/or a double flat white.

The Forum is nothing without Gondola...