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Why no email after 6pm?

First Timer

I use Thunderbird for my email. In recent weeks, I've found thunderbird unable to log into the TalkTalk server after around 6pm. I can send emails at any time of the day, but nothing is received in the evenings. Thunderbird is clearly attempting to communicate but the server seems to be unresponsive. However, the following day, all the mail I was expecting will be downloaded instantly.

When I read about the new improved service coming along, I assumed the evening shutdown was due to maintenance, but no. My new super-dooper TalkTalk service isn't. Indeed it was much better for years before.  Does my part of the TalkTalk world really clock off at 6? Do I now need different server settings for Thunderbird?

Community Manager - TT Staff



There is no obvious reason why you would be unable to access your mail after 6pm, could you confirm if you've tried different email clients also the email address in question is this the one you've used to join the community? 


Lastly is this happening every day at 6PM exactly? If so do you have any software configured to block or filter your network traffic which could be causing this? 



Stephen, Community Manager

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First Timer

Hello Stephen, thanks for your response.

I set up Windows Outlook and it tested the server settings by sending a message to the server. It reported an error when using both encryption and non-enctrytion to access the server.  The message said:

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3😞 Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

However, I confirmed the test message had been received OK by TalkTalk by accessing my account using webmail. So, at the time of writing this (9pm), I can't receive any email.

The 6 pm shutoff is an estimate. I don't know exactly when the problem happens , but it's around that time.

Yes, the email account I'm using here is the same as one of my five TalkTalk accounts, but all show the same effect.

First Timer


Hang on, I've just discovered the cause!

There is indeed a program running that will stop me getting mail.

Sorry to seem like a dummy, but I probably am!


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi bizzylizzy_2013,


Thanks for the update 🙂