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Need help? so slow




I received an email from TalkTalk in December advising me that my dsl.pipex email accounts would be upgraded (within a few weeks!!) so I can use the new webmail software/website. I was keen for this to happen as I had found these emails to be less reliable and I could not get Pipex to work on my iphone.


I had some advice here about using iphone with Pipex, this did not help. Plus I have found that over the past month or two Pipex has actually deteriorated and is now very slow and unreliable. I use EM Client (I have used this for some years) for all my email accounts and Pipex takes numerous refreshing cycles before send or receiving mail. All other accounts are instant 99% of the time. Pipex always takes numerous cycles - often many.


Pipex has become much worse recently. TalkTalk have not upgraded it to their newest webmail system. Is this a sign that they have issues and that it could be dropped? Do I need to look to alternatives? Could my Pipex be forwarded? I would rather keep these accounts as many contacts know it as my address.



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Hi @v5brad 


Here on the Community we are only too aware of the increasing 'unreliability' of the legacy pipex mail platform.  Regular contributors do keep us updated on issues.


Preparations have been put in place but the mail upgrade to TalkTalk Mail has been put back because there are too few staff to ensure the migration proceeds as smoothly as possible. 


You can request mail forwarding and this will have to be put into place by the pipex email admins.  Not a fast fix in the current circumstances.


Pragmatically, have you an alternative mail service pro tem?


If you do wish to request pipex mail forwarding be manually set up please let me know and I'll request from the TalkTalk team.


Please do a quick check that your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here) your name, current landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended) and address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add your pipex and the forward to email address(es) with any relevant other notes and finally save changes.

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