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I will be leaving talktalk on 4th april to go to new provider will I have to change my e-mail address when I do?.

Gerry the man
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Hi Gerry

If you look at section 2.4 of the Terms and Conditions it says if you leave you can't keep the email account or email address.

  • Your MyAccount login will remain active for 12 months after you leave.
    You'll be able to continue to manage your email account there for at least 12 months.
  • My understanding is that your TalkTalk email will remain active so long as you use it at least once every 180 days and, whilst it does, the account / password recovery will also remain active.
  • You'll be able to use TalkTalk webmail whichever network you're moving to.
  • Other networks may not allow you to send TalkTalk mail via an email client. 
  • After 12 months if you have need to change the email password then just come back here and ask but try the password recovery first.
  • In any event, it would be wise to set up an alternate email account, for example, a gMail or Yahoo account that's not with an ISP so that you've always got a backup not directly tied to any Broadband service.
 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Thanks for that info Gondola much clearer than I got from the Team member i got earlier
Gerry the man