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email been hacked/cloned

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I think my talktalk email has been cloned or hacked.


Emails in the middle of the night from Facebook and email etc all saying "you seem to be having difficulty logging into your account" then some with links to reset passwords and confirmations of passwords being reset - only not by me! 

Some emails saying my email is not set up for accounds with Roblox etc.

Facebook say logins are from Texas, Florida and Finland?


I have logged into my talktalk account and cannot reset the password as do not have the current one (perhaps changed?)

I have another email account to send me a link to reset it and each time it says "your password cannot be changed at this time. please try again later."


This has gone on for three days and I am very concerned. Can't call talktalk and not sure what to do! 


Can only see emails on my tablet and now not on main PC, again says invalid credentials? password change perhaps?


Any help appreciated, worried they will get address and payment details!


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Hi @lpywrls 


If you're receiving new mail messages on your tablet for the TalkTalk Mail account that would suggest the password has not been changed.


Please check the sign in to TalkTalk Mail. Tell us if there's an error message or if you can sign in ok.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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I can access talktalk bills etc as it is set up to a different email for billing.


I can't log in the webmail and can't remember the password, I've tried all of them.


  • It could be that I just can't remember the password- however I have again had more password notifications to the talktalk address changed by someone else for various sites I use
  • and am now getting mailer- deamon failed reports of emails I've not sent
  • along with more attempts to create various accounts and emails notifying me I have no account currently linked to talktalk email address.

I want to reset the password for my talktalk email, I have been sent a link via email (to another address) and each time I enter the new password (twice) it says it cannot be reset at this time.


My main server seems to be syncing but will not show emails itself saying invalid login or password. I have been into accounts and tried to update it but this may be where I have gone wrong?



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Hi lpywrls 


Let's see if we can get the password successfully reset.


When you get to Step 4 in the Reset your password journey I have some tips for you.

  • The new password must be ultra strong - I use at least 15 characters
    Like 2 five letter words chosen randomly the @ character and 4 numbers
    For example ReplyPopup@5920 is really strong but can be memorised
    (16 billion years to crack that password)
    Not used before anywhere and not like any password previously used
  • Tick the show password box to make sure both password boxes are the same


Reset your password 4 - Enter and confirm new password.png


I think if you use a really strong password never before used then it should be accepted.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

First Timer

Thank you. I followed your advice...but still see the same error message! So frustrating! It won't let me up load my screen shot but it just says again:

Yoir password cannot be reset at this time. Please try again later.


Every time I have tried to reset it I get 2 green ticks, one for each password before I click to go to the next stage.