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emails have disappeared

First Timer

my emails after 15th July have disappeared.  They are not in my inbox or trash / deleted.  I desperately need to retrieve one to print out some tickets for Monday.  Any ideas anyone?  Thanks 

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Hi @jgel68 


What's your email domain (the bit after the @ in your email address) e.g., or another?


Is your mailbox on the new TalkTalk Mail platform?  If so have you signed in to TalkTalk Mail?


Do you have Auto forwarding set up on the mailbox? Or mail filtering?

Do you collect messages on computer email client / phone app as well as webmail via a browser?


Unusual that messages only from 15 July are missing. Auto forwarding from that date is the best bet. Except if they were there until recently when it's most likely a new device connecting to the mailbox and downloading and deleting messages but only for the 30 days prior to setting up the new device 10 days ago.

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