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how do I delete MEMOVA

First Timer

Please MeMOVA is driving me nuts please please help me delete it

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From previous posts this does seem to be aTalkTalk generated issue - obviously something you should not be seeing (from TT's test system).


If you can hang on an OCE will pick up this thread and have a look at your problem.


However, these forums are not real time and the OCE’s typically work “normal” office hours and usually not weekends, so it can take 24 to 48+ hours for new posts to be actioned, longer at busy periods (and around weekends).


It may save a little time if you can check that your personal information is up to date (name, landline number and an alternative contact number are the key pieces of information), just select the link below :-


Personal Information.


Are you access your emails from a saved link on your PC ?


What happens if you access your mail using this address - ?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi loliv,


You see the MEMOVA message when you try to access TalkTalk webmail?

Is it an email account?


Which internet browser are you using? Can you try a different one



First Timer

I have this problem using Google Chrome but not with Android or Google Edge.

had the problem 2 days ago on Android only.