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how do i stop pop-up adverts appearing in a banner on my webmail?


since the new webmail was installed I get an "ad" on my webmail. how can I stop this appearing?

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Hi @rewyelrom 


The advertising helps to keep the provision of an email service free to TalkTalk customers. And does present some TalkTalk promotions.


If you find the advertising intrusive you can find an ad-blocker add-on or extension for the Internet browser. 


I've trialled Ghostery ad-blocker and find it effective. Some sites will still nag you to remove the blocker if they rely on ad revenue.  And you'll need to allow things like Liveperson URLs so LiveChat works and Google Re-CAPTCHA so that website sign-ins work. And remember to disable for purchase tracking to work or you could miss out on marketing offers.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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the reason I would like to stop adverts is that the one that seems to appear most regularly is for online dating --- something I have never used nor require. my wife also uses the same email account and is wondering what is going on.

very remiss of talktalk to allow such adverts

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Hi rewyelrom 


You can of course use an email client or email app to collect your TalkTalk emails rather than using Webmail. So that might be a better choice.


Email clients are often included with the computer / tablet / mobile, such as Windows Mail, Apple Mail etc or you can download an email client like Thunderbird. Email settings are here: Email settings - IMAP or POP3 


The selection of advertising in TalkTalk Mail is to an extent selectable by you in the cookie preferences. i.e. you can choose what types of advertising. 

  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon or cog icon for mobile)
  • Select Manage Cookies from the list
  • You'll see information about Ad selection

But it is quite tedious to see and go through the many choices and options.


Sometimes you'll see advertising with a Ad choices box top right of the advert and you can elect not to see that advert again. To store that choice your browser does need to store and retain cookies.


On the banner advertising above the TalkTalk Mail list of emails there's an asterisk and clicking or tapping that will bring up the page that explains Why this Ad?

 Select Advertising Choice.png


It may help to Manage cookies.


If you choose to use an email client or app and need help to set that up for your TalkTalk emails then just say.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team - TT Staff

Great support Gondola. 

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