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keeping email address after leaving Talktalk

First Timer

I am moving to fibre broadband with another ISP as Talktalk do not have fibre in our street. I have received a letter from Talktalk offering me a better deal, but of course they cannot offer fibre!


In the letter it also said I may want to keep my Talktalk email address and that there may be a charge for this in the future, but not to worry, they'll let me know in advance if this happens. I can find no mention of retaining my email anywhere on the Talktalk website or in Myaccount. I clicked on LiveChat but nothing happened, no box to type question in! I rang the number given in my letter and just got through to a queue that never answered!


Are you able to give me further information about retaining my talktalk email address, even if only for a short while? 


Many thanks.

Tim Weller

Community Star

Hi @Timotheus 


The advice about keeping your talktalk mailbox, in fact up to 5 talktalk mailboxes, when you leave is given in the article About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


TalkTalk will send you an email well in advance of making a charge of £5 a month or £50 for a year, payable by Direct Debit, and you'll have good time to make a decision on keeping your email or not.

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