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unable to delete an old tiscali email address from My Account

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I have tried a number of times to delete an old tiscali email address from my mailboxes in My Account. Each time it tells me that it is not possible and to try again later. The email address in question was created in 2007 but never subsequently used so has been de-activated by talktalk but still remains in my mailboxes. Reading through other similar postings, I have put the email address to be deleted in the "private notes" part of my Community Profile Personal Information as advised to another user by @Gondola and now need advice on how to proceed further.

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Hi @Rampers 


Yes, the reason for non-deletion is because the email address is not on the active database.


Thanks for putting that email address in Private notes. If the OCE needs further authorisation to carry out the removal of the email address from your MyAccount then they'll send you a Community Private Message - there'll be a blue envelope icon to select just below your Avatar top right of this page when signed in to Community.


It'll be gone soon leaving a slot ready to add an existing active TalkTalk mailbox or simply create a new mailbox.

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Thanks Gondola, I will post details of how this is resolved in due course.
Community Team

Hi Rampers,

I've sent you a PM to confirm some details



Community Team

Thanks for the PM, I've escalated this to have the email address removed from My Account as requested 



First Timer

Thanks, unwanted email address has now been deleted. When dealing with this type of request in the future, can I suggest that it is made clear that, once escalated, it will take 28 days for the email address to be deleted.

Once again, thanks for sorting it out.

Community Team

Hi Rampers, thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted. We do try to get them done as quickly as possible, but they can take up to 28 days in the worse cases.