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2nd email address

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I cannot set up a second email address. I have been on the phone to technical for an hour and they cannot set me one up either. What is going on. I was told to import an address but I refused and told them I wanted a talktalk address. I was then told to close the phone call and try again in 30 minutes or so, again I refused and then was told that there was a problem with the web page at their end and again asked to try again later . I refused, explaining that I would have to go throught this process again and waste my time because it would not be fixed.  I then asked to get a text or email when they had fixed it and ended a rather frustrating call for help. When do you think I will get a call or will I be one of the many who are ignored.


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I think your problem would benifit from the intercession and assistance of the Online Community Executive @nodged - Are you familiar with their activities? - particularly in view of the fact that TalkTalk have acknowledged that it is a TalkTalk 'problem'. 


By way of further clarification, would I be correct in assuming that it is at this point ......


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 17.00.57.png



.... that when you key Confim, the process seizes?




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Hi TheHornedOne

The problem is that the technical department at Talktalk cannot even set up my 2nd email slot. I am relatively fay with what is needed but tried everything. Once i put the first part (eg nodge.nodge)  email address into the correct box and then press the mouse button on the next button I get the page to go blank and the timer emblem show but then I could leave it 6 hours and nothing happens going forward or back and refreshing the page puts me back to where I was. Having done this many times I eventually gave up and passed the problem on to talktalk technical. They will ring me back whent is sorted. Haa Haa.

Regards and thanks for the help.




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I went about setting-up a new email address @nodged, and screwed about with the system by way of providing it with subtle combinations of unacceptable user names and passwords.


I had to wait a long time, a very long time, a very, very long time, between operations, while the progress indicator chuntered around, trying to decide if my entries were acceptable or not, but it got there in the end, and my new mail address works just fine!


Is it the time problem you run up against, have you perhaps not waited long enough, or is there somthing else?




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Thanks for the reply. Yes the 4 other email addresses are unobtainable by me or the talktalk technical team. I like all others went to the mail settings page in my account and  webt through the motions of setting up the address includin numbers and characters in the password and it didn't work. After many tries I gave up and phoned talktalk, they couldn't set one up either. THey told me the problem was at their end. End of story ? probably never get a second email address!.


Insightful One
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Are you meaning a second e.mail address @nodged?


The process of generating an additional TalkTalk mail address doesn't normally present a problem.  You are permitted up to five addresses, in addition to your My Account address.


How have you been attempting the process?