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550 Bounce Message sending email to another TT user

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The user in question is my elderly cousin who is quite good for her age at using IT, but who is not going to be able to sort this out by herself:


When I try to send her email to her talktalk address it bounces with this message:


I guess this is one for an OCE to answer , I can pass her address to an OCE by PM if required.


Clearly her TT broadband connection has not been "suspended" otherwise she would not be able to use the internet as she is able to.


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Hi @cranhpc1 


Yes it is sometimes difficult and time-consuming to get an accurate diagnosis of issues without being 'hands-on'.  I know that all too well in helping out here on Community.


But you've just given another very good reason why she should get the help of the Community TalkTalk team.  The email address created in 2004 would have remained active so long as she signed in at least once every 180 days. 


But that email address will be associated with a former MyAccount and may need de-associating so it can be added to her current MyAccount. That's in addition to getting it unsuspended and the password changed etc.


There is a current issue, flagged up on Service Status, preventing password changes by text messages to a linked mobile number and for some customers, even if the mailbox address is listed in MyAccount, there may be issues changing password.


I'd recommend she register with Community and ask for help from the Community TalkTalk team.

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Hello Gondola

I think I shall have to draw a line under this query for now. Because I can't get remote screen sharing to work from PC to iPad I can't see whats going on at the other end and its difficult to sort out over the phone. Also, I discovered that the "new" talktalk email address which she quoted to me, on her returning to TalkTalk this year, is the same one that she used when she was previously with TalkTalk , cancelling in 2014. I know TT keep mail accounts live for a short while after a cancellation but not for almost 5 years.

Her grandson helped her sort out her new TT account and email I just hope he wrote it all down somewhere. Thanks for your advice, she will have to continue using her original Icloud email account for now despite it being overloaded by spam & phishing attempts.


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If the mailbox is suspended because of suspicious activity then usually it does require a fault ticket raising for the email team to unsuspend it.


She'll need to request that herself and preferably here on Community.


If it's a 'soft suspension' then if password Reset details have been set up for the email address so that an alternate email and or mobile number can receive the reset she may wish to try the Reset your Password option. If there's an alternate shown that she recognises from the hints, and has access to, then ask her to please reset the password.


Here's the article on Managing your email in My Account so you can see what's possible via the MyAccount route.


It should be possible to change a password via MyAccount but for some customers that's proving to be problematic so I've suggested only the Password Reset journey for now.


But if that isn't possible or isn't successful and a 'suspended' error message is received when trying to sign in to TalkTalk Mail then a fault ticket to the email admins will be required.

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Thanks for that Gondola


I think it may well prove simpler for us to get her some "boots on the ground" help from knowledgeable family in the area, as she lives 300 miles away from me AND she uses an iPad.


If she used a PC or Mac it would be so much easier to deal with using remote access. (In theory you can do  iPad to PC screen monitoring only, using Teamviewer, but I am having trouble getting that to work using my own kit to test with) 🙄


I would then get them to set up an alternate email address though that won't be the one associated with the primary account holder which would be a great disadvantage though I think that can be changed from the My Account login page?


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Hi @cranhpc1 


The error message indicates the mailbox has been suspended. This is either because the mailbox hasn't been signed in to for 180 days or more or because there's been suspicious activity detected by the system.


In either case, if the mailbox is on the suspended database list then she'll need TalkTalk's help to unsuspend the mailbox, reset the password and set up Reset details (alternate email address and mobile number) for password recovery. 


She'll need to register on Community and post her own request for assistance in the email forum because TalkTalk will need to verify her personal data before proceeding.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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